Family Owned and Operated Fire Alarm Company Serving the State of Texas since 1976

Our Mission Statement

Insuring the Safety of our Customers, their Residents and Employees with Innovative Cost Effective Solutions to their Life Safety and Fire Protection Issues.

The value of family cannot be calculated. Family gives us all the incentive to perform the best job for our customers and ourselves.

We highly value education in ourselves and our employees.

We will conduct ourselves in a professional manner on and off the job.

Be enthusiastic about helping others and they will be enthused to work with us.

Putting ourselves in our customers' frame of reference enables us to fully understand our customer needs.

Team Work/Cooperation
Only through unselfish teamwork can we overcome obstacles and grow as a company.

We strive to be completely thorough in all we do, analyze each step or process to insure our customers' needs are fulfilled. Being thorough also helps us eliminate errors and omissions.

History of HcFco, Inc.

HcFco, Inc. has been in business for over 40 years. It was founded by Bill Mann Sr. and Albert G. Nicholson in the early 1970's. Bill and Al sold a fire alarm panel installation for $2000. They got a $1000 down payment, bought the equipment, installed the panel and received the $1000 balance - split this to feed their families and proceeded on to sell the next job. This is how HcFco, Inc. got started and today we work much the same way. We do the job we can with the most dependable people, provide quality service and our families continue to be blessed as a result of your continued support.

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